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Although telecommunications and computer vision belong to distinct scientific fields, this is set to change with the creation of this new joint research field resulting from the advent of higher frequency mm-wave wireless communications with line-of-sight operating ranges. This opens the possibility of leveraging on computer vision data to predict wireless channel dynamics and help build high-definition 3D maps for localization and sensing applications while, on the other hand, radio-based sensing/imaging has the potential to empower computer vision applications becoming more resilient against occlusion and poor luminosity. The CONVERGE project aims to develop an innovative toolset aligned with the motto “view-to-communicate and communicate-to-view”, consisting of vision-aided large intelligent surfaces, vision aided fixed and mobile base stations, a vision-radio simulator and 3D environment modeler, and machine learning algorithms for multimodal data including radio signals, video streams, RF sensing, and traffic traces. This toolset will be deployed into 7 RIs mostly aligned with the ESFRI SLICES-RI and improve their competitiveness.

This is the first newsletter of CONVERGE, which from now on will be released every 6 months. We bring you some of the key achievements of the project in its first year, as well as a flavour of some of our plans going forward.

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