Innovations in Vision-radio Simulation and 3D Modelling

Simulation of the propagation of radio waves in the mmWave range in multiple environmental conditions is becoming of vital importance. CONVERGE aims at facilitating a seamless transition between virtual and real tools by creating a “digital twin” of different experimental chambers. The simulator constructs a geometric 3D model, enriching it with electromagnetic characteristics that enable authentic simulations of both visual information and radio wave interactions. The novel vision-radio simulator leverages GPU-accelerated ray-tracing, aiming at granular computation of propagation paths and the accurate simulation of electromagnetic wave behaviour.

CONVERGE will provide researchers with unparalleled tools for advanced planning of RIS-aided communications and  sensing. The simulator acts as a virtual laboratory and a proving ground, facilitating a range of experiments that can overcome the limitation of physical chambers, ensuring that simulations for radio communications are precise replications of real-world conditions.

More info: contact Miguel Bordallo and Manel Khelifi.


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